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Cumbuco- Jericoacoara- Atins

Downwind kitesafari is the best way to discover the beautifull coastline of Brazil.  With it's ideaal kitesurfing conditions, tropical climate and thousends of km's of untushed beaches it's for shure the best experience a kitesurfer can have.

With our KITESCHOOL based in Cumbuco KGB organizes KITETRIPS and DOWNWINDERS along the NE coast of Brazil. Always accompanied with a 4x4 or VW buggy on the beach and a professional kite guide on the water, we guide you to the next stop.

To find out more about the KGB downwinders, kitetrips and kiteschool, check out the rest of the website and our sosial media pages on Facebook and Instagram 

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We speak Dutch, Engish and Portuguese

Special update!!!

Since the corona crisis, the local Brazilian currency has been very unstable. As a result, prices can differ from time to time. Please contact us for more info regarding prices.

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KGB Bjorn Viane

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