Cumbuco- Jericoacoara- Atins

10 days/9nights downwind to Delta do Parnaiba: (adventure extended)

Day 1: Cumbuco to Taiba (26km)
Day 2: Taiba to Lagoinha (32km)
Day 3: Lagoinha to Mundaú (32km)
Day 4: Mundaú to Icaraí De Amontada (33km)
Day 5: Icaraí DA to Ilha do Guagiru (32km)
or Aranaú to Jericoacoara (34km)
Day 6: Jericoacoara to Camosim (37,5km)
Day 7: Camosim to Barra Grande (61km)
Day 8: Barra grande to Atalaia (25km)
Day 9: Atalaia to Delta do Parnaiba (27km)
Day 10: Delta do Parnaiba 6 hours drive back to Cumbuco or Fortaleza

Price per person: €1675
now € 1550 early bookers
(min 4 persons)
Price per person: €1400
now €1312,5€ early bookers
(min 8 persons)

Level: advanced/ intermediate
waves: 1.5m / 3m (first 3 days) 1.5 / 0m (last 6 days)
wind: 5/6 bft (first 4 days) 6-8bft (last 5 days)
km per day: 30/60 km
total km downwind: 339km
kite guide: required

- 4X4 + Driver (beach assistance)
-Guide on the water (IKO certificatie)
- Accomondation (hotel+ breackfast)
- Snacks and water during the trip
- Petrol costs, rafts when crossing rivers and all of the costs of your tour guides.
- boad ride in de Deltas
- free HD movie and photos of your downwind trip.

Dutch, English, Portuguese, French

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downwind bjorn viane
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