Cumbuco- Jericoacoara- Atins

11 days / 10nights Downwind From Cumbuco to Lencois Maranheses

Did you know that after Jericoacoara there are still hundreds of km of kite beaches to discover. This downwind brings you to the Lencois Maranhese. To get there you will have to cross the rivers, harbors, mangroves, reefs, lagoons and dunes.

trip details:
Day 1: Cumbuco to Paracuru (42km)
Day 2: Paracuru to Mundau (48km)
Day 3: Mundau to Icarai De Amontada (33km)
Day 4: Icarai DA to Ilha do Guagiru (32km)
extra day: Preá to Jericoacoara (34km)
Day 5: Jericoacoara to Camosim (37,5km)
Day 6: Camosim to Barra Grande (61km)
Day 7: Barra Grande to Atalaia (25km)
Day 8: Atalaia to Delta do Parnaiba (27km)
extra day: Delta do Pariaiba to Tutóia (+-60km) (no beach assistance... extreme!)
Day 9: Barro Vermelho to Atins (24km)
Day 10: Atins to Lencois Maranheses (+-36km)
extra day: kite and relax in Atins
Day 11: Drive back to Cumbuco or Fortaleza airport (10hour drive)

Price per person (11days): €1899
now: €1760 early bookers
(min 4 persons)
Price per person (11days): €1599
now: € 1495 early bookers
(min 8 persons)

Level: advanced / intermediate
waves: 1.5m / 3m (first 4 days) 1.5 / 0m (last part)
wind: 5 / 6bft (first 4 days) 6-8bft (last part)
km per day: 30/60 km
total km downwind: 423km
kite guide: required

-4X4 + Driver (beach assistance)

-guide on the water (IKO certificatie)

-accomondation (hotel+ breackfast)

-snacks and water during the trip

-petrol costs, rafts when crossing rivers and all of the costs of your tour guides
- extra 2 boad trips (delta & Atins)
- extra guided trip to lencois Maranheses

- free HDmovie of your downwind trip


Dutch, English, Portuguese, French


bjorn viane