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frequently asked questions

Since the corona crisis, the local Brazilian currency has been very unstable. As a result, prices can differ from time to time. Please contact us for more info regarding prices.
thank you, KGB Bjorn Viane

4X4 capacity:

One car (4x4) can hold maximum 4 kiters a driver and a kite guide. The price is the same, wether you are alone or with a group of 4. If you rent the trailer you can take up to 5 kiters on the trip and bring some more material. (for the renting price of a trailer pleas contact us... it's not always necessary).
The price is for a driver who stays 24 hours a day with you. for transfere prices pleas contact us.

Buggy capacity:

One buggy can hold maximum of 3 to 4 kiters, a driver and a (kite guide). Wether you are alone or with a group of kiters  (+ kite guide) the price stays the same: per car + driver. 
the price is for a driver who stays 24 hours a day with you. for transfere prices pleas contact us (they ar way cheaper)

If the group is bigger, no problem. We have more cars and drivers available, With 3 cars and 1 guide on the water we can facilitate a group up to 12 kiters. (the guide can NOT be replaced by another kiter)

What is included in the price of the downwinders?

-4x4+ driver
-kite guide
-accommondation: in hotel or pousadas
-fruit, snacks and water during the trip,
-gasoline, expense of the guide and driver(s),
-river crossings for the car
-HD movies of your downwinders

What is included in the price of the Kitetrips?

-transfers: Airport to hotels/ Hotels to Hotel 2X / hotel to airport
-type of transfers: small groups: Taxi or 4x4/ bigger group: mini van/ really bigg groups: bus
-beach transfers: mostly the buggy sometimes the 4x4. Take a look at the kitetrips.
-accommondation: in hotel or pousadas
-expense of the guide and driver(s),
-river crossings for the car

Accommodation Downwinders and kite-trips:

Hotels or pousadas are included in the price of the downwinders and kite-trips. We normally book hotels and pousadas at about Euro 50,- per night per person, with 2 persons per room. If you like to book your own accommodations thene we will discount 50 euros Per person per day for your downwinder or kite-trip

The professional driver and the guide on water will support your kite trip all the way,
More than just launching and landing your kite.... We are IKO and ABK certified and we will be there every moment during your trip. Whenever you want a break from kiting you can 'cool off' VW buggy or the air- conditioned Toyota Hilux. We organise whatever needs organising and we know the best restaurants and bars.

Do we rent out kite material?

Yes, you can also rent kitesurfequipment with us, but ONLY if you have experience in kitesurfing and if you can show us your IKO or VDWS kitesurf- license!

Kitesurfing is an extreme watersport and participating can cause serious injuries, disabillity or even death. That is why our kiteschool is very cautious in renting out material.
If you want to rent please contact us.

Trip Customisation:

Any of our trips can be customised to your preference. Of course, this may incur some additional cost, but all costs will be agreed on before you leave.
for Example, you can rent equipment.

Low & high tide?

As an experienced kiter you prefer large waves. check the tide table before you book. As a beginner you better choose low tide so the waves are smaller.
Check out the 2019 Tide chart over here!!!

When is the best time for wind?

check out the forecast page to see how many days it has blown in 2018 and which months.

Do I need Insurance?

We do everything we can to make the tour as safe as possible for you, However, the responsibility is your own. kitesurfing is a sport that has some risks! Pleas make sure both your health Insurance and your travel Insurance are up to date AND covers you for kitesurfing.

Flight ticket?

download the skyscanner app on your mobile ore tablet. (check to fly on sundays for the best deals)

Time difference:

4 Hours in summertime/ 5hours in wintertime.


Brazilian reails: +-4,... real for 1 euro (unstable)


Not required, but vaccinations for DTP and Hepatitis A are advisable.

Clothing to wear:

flip-folp/scandals, shorts, t-shirt on the beach and lycra and shorts while kiting. (All can be bought locally.)

Outside temperature:

30°c during the daytime, 25°c during the night.


Sand beaches with lots of palm trees. (We will advice you if there are some rocks along the way)


220 Volts, but pin sizes and shape are different. Normal 2-pin mobile chargers work, but bring a converter for your laptop.

If You have more questions you can find us on:
whatsapp: +55 85 99790 6212

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