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With the kitetrips we are trying something new this year...
We have found that not everyone wants or can downwind 30/70 km per day. That is why we are launching  the KITETRIP concept this year. With the kitetrips we want to attract more beginners and families.
The concept is simple:
On the downwinders we sleep in a different place almost every day and we have to downwind every day witch is a lot of fun but... With the kitetrips we take it a bit easier and stay a little longer on the same spots. As a result of this, there can also be taken real kitelessons and we can be more selective with the spot condition, so you now also have the choice to choose between THE WAVE kitetrip, THE FLAT WATER kitetrips and the BIG AIR Kitetrip
Are you in to kite foiling? Then we also have a nice 1 day trip that is definitely worth it!

bjorn viane belguim champ

What can you expect?

At KGB kite surfing stands central. Whether you are a beginner or half professional. Bjorn Viane and his Team we will give your kite level a boost.

For the advanced kiters we offer you the best downwind experiences between Cumbuco and Atins. But also the beginners can choose between a few lagoons and flat water spots.

All our downwinders and kite trips are customized for the group, which is why we do not organize Open downwinders or kite safaris where everyone can participate. We only organize downwinders for groups of friends, families or individual kiters.

From July to December you can be sure that you can kitesurf every day. The wind always blows from the same direction ... between 4 and 8 bft right site sore. The waves can vary between 1 and 3 meters. We have some rocks and mangroves allong the downwind, but 95% of the beaches are pure sand. During the day the temperature is usually between 30 °C and 32 °C. At night the temperature is around 25 ° C. The water temperature is around 28 ° C. So you don't need a wet suite. However, sun protection is necessary. Baseball cap, high PF sunscreen and lycra are all recommended.

In addition to the perfect kite surfing conditions and the tropical vibe, we also arrange the best hotels and restaurants, drivers, 4x4s, boats, kite guides and instructors ... So that you only have to think about kitesurfing itself.

kitetrip flat or waves

kite trips and kite holidays


WAVE kite-trip: new concept

spots: Cumbuco/ Taiba & Paracuru/Lagoinha, Guajiru & Emboacas
level: entermidiate/ waverider
waves: 1,5m - 3m 
wind: 5-7bft 
downwind Opportunities: Yes every day (optional)
lessons: Coaching (optional)
beach assistance: Buggy (optional)
kiteguide/ instructor: optional
transfers: taxi/ mini van/ bus (group size)

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lagoon cauipe kitelessons

FLAT WATER kite-trip: new concept

spots: Tabuba,Cumbuco, Cauipe/  Lagoinha & Guajiru/  Ilha do Guajiru
level: beginner/ entermidiate/ freestyle riders
waves: 0m-1,5m 
wind: 5-7 bft
Lagoons: Yes (every spot has his lagoon)
downwind oppertunities: Yes (optional and not every day)
Lessons: Beginners & Freestyle coaching (optional)
beach assitance: Buggy (optional)
kite guide/instructor: optional
transfers: taxi/mini van/ Bus (group size)

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bigair kitetrip

BIG AIR kite-trip: new concept

spots: Prea, Jericoacoara/ Tatajuba,Camocim
level: entermidiate/ advanced/ Big air riders
waves: 0m-1,5m 
wind: 6-8 bft
lagoons: Yes
downwind oppertunities: Yes (1 downwinder included) 
Lessons: Freestyle & Big air coaching
beach assitance: Buggy, 4X4 (optional)
Kite guide/instructor: optional
transfers: taxi/ 4x4 /mini van/ Bus (group size)

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upwinder foil

1 day Upwind Foiling: from Taiba To Cumbuco

level: advanced and entermediate foilers
waves: (wait for low tide... max 1,5m)
wind: 5/6bft
km per day: 26km (can be shortend or extended)
beach assistance: buggy or just a kite guide
kite guide: recommended

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