Cumbuco- Jericoacoara- Atins

Flat water kite-trip
9dagen (3X3)

3days and 3nights Cumbuco

Arrival Airport Fortaleza transfer to Cumbuco

Tabuba and Cauipe

evening transfer to Guajiru

3days and 3nights Guajiru and Lagoinha

lagoa do jeque

evening transfer to Ilha do Guajiru

3days and 3 nights Ilha do Guajiru

flatwatersea is in front of your hotel

The time of your transfer from Ilha do Guajiru to Fortaleza airport will be in connection with your return flight.

all kite-trips can be extended or shortened according to the travel plans of the group. This is just an example of how you can plan your trip with 3 nights and 3 defrent kitespots in 9 days. ( you can change to 2X3 or 4X3 ...)
For Guajiru you need to check with high and low tide or contact us.

price per person (3X3): Euro 290,00
( min 2 persons)

spots: Tabuba, Cumbuco, Cauipe/ Lagoinha,  Guajiru/ Ilha do Guajiru
level: beginner/  entermidiate/ freestyle riders
waves: 0m / 1,5m
wind: 5-7bft 
Lagoons yes every spot has his lagoon
downwind Opportunities: Yes (on demand

Included in the price:
- all Trasfers:
(airport - Cumbuco - Guajiru - Ilha do Guajiru - airport)
-type of transfers:
small groups: Taxi or 4x4
bigger group: mini van
really bigg groups: bus

Can be arranged but is not Included in the price:
- Kite guide on the water
- Kite Instructor/ coach 
-beach transfers: buggy's
- beach assistance (buggy)
-accommondation: in hotel or pousadas

Dutch, English, Portuguese, French






 Ilha do Guajiru