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Kiteschool in Cumbuco

Kitesurf instructor Bjorn Viane has been teaching kitesurfing in Cumbuco since 2005. Back then he was giving kitelessons for the largest Kites schools of Cumbuco, now for kite guide Brazil. With a passion for kite surfing, we give our lessons with the best safety in Dutch, English and Portuguese.

Kite lessons.

KGB kiteschool in Cumbuco only give private kite lessons to maximum 2 people at once, so you learn to kitesurf the best way possible. We offer beginners courses and coaching lessons. the beginners courses can be given in Cumbuco in front of your Hotel. It should take 8-10 houres (3 times 3 or 4 times 2houres) to get you safely on the board and be able to continue/learn by yourself.
Kitelessons can also been given on the trip as the guide has his IKO and ABK first aid ratings. (€35/hour)

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Hydro foil kite lessons

This new sport is an extention of the kiteboard sport and gives you a new experience of kiteboarding. You need to have a good level already in standard kiteboarding to learn this new skill. It takes aboute 6 hours to catch the feeling and fly over the water.
I give the kite foil lessons with a brand new beginners foil board. 
This sport is easy to learn in a safe way but i'll bring the helmet and impact vest anyway. For your own comfort it might be easy to usse your own kite so the price is only including the foilboard, helmet and impact vest. (€40/hour)

For more info on hydro Foil lessons Click here.

The Kiteschool is now (2020) supported by
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Lessons can be given in Dutch, English and Portuguese. 

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