What we do!

KGB-tours organises and escorts downwinders from Cumbuco to Jericoacoara, Barra Grande or Lencois Maranheses and kite about 40- 50 km every day. This can be extended or shortened depending on the level of the riders.  We organise custom trips for a group of friends. You can start and end your trip at any time. Hotels, Transport and duration of the trip can be adapted to the needs of the group. All trips are accompanied by Toyota Hilux or VW buggy (with driver) and because of the sometimes unreachable places for the car  and to provide you with the necessary safety also folowed by a professional kite guide on the water.


What can you expect?

You will kite a lot! This is no beginners trip. We kite about 40 -50 km a day downwind (this is if you go in a straight line). We will have days with 1-2 metre waves and days with less waves. As we leave Cumbuco more and more downwind to Jericoacoara the wind will pick up along the way. From August till December you can be sure you can kite every day. The wind Always blows from the same direction... between 4 and 8 bft / right siteshore. We have some rocks along the way but 95% of the beaches are pure sand. During the day the air temperature is generally between 30°C and 35°C. At night temperates are a very confortable 25°C or so. The water temp is around 28°C. So no wetsuite are needed. Sun protection is needed however. Baseball cap, high PF sun cream and rash vests are all advised there is a lot to do besides kite on this trip. Too many things to list but there are friendly, small fishing towns offering great food and smal bars. There are also lagoons and huge dunes on the way. Pleas look at our instagram account @ kiteguidebrazil for our latest photos.

5 to 7 days downwind to Jericoacoara: (basic)

Day 1 : Cumbuco to Taíba (+-30km)
Day 2: Taiba to Paracuru (+-30km)
Day 3: Paracuru to Guajiru (+- 50km)
Day 4: Guajiru to Mundaú (+- 30km)
Day 5: Mundaú to Icaraízi de Amontada (+- 55km)
Day 6: Icaraí DA to Ilha do Guajiru/ Preá to Jericoacuara (+- 20km /+-15km)
Day 7: Jericoacoara to Tatajuba (Lagoon) (25km) + drive back to cumbuco (+- 3hours)


9 days downwind to Barra grande: (adventure)

Day 1: Cumbuco to Paracuru (+- 60km)
Day 2: Paracuru to Guajiru (+-50km)
Day 3: Guajiru to Mundaú (+-30km)
Day 4: Mundaú to Icaraí De Amontada (+-55km)
Day 5: Icaraí DA to Ilha do Guagiru/ Preá to Jericoacoara (+-20km/+-15km)
Day 6: Jericoacoara to Tatajuba (+-25km + Lagoon session)
Day 7: Jericoacoara to Camosim (+-60km)
Day 8: Camosim to Barra Grande (+- 15km + lagoon session)
Day 9: barra Grande short downwinder + drive back to Cumbuco


11 days downwind to Atins (Lencois Maranhenses )

Day 1: Cumbuco to Paracuru (+-60km)
Day 2: Paracuru to Guajiru (+-50km)
Day 3: Guajiru to Icarai De Amontada (+-85km)
Day 4: Icarai DA to Ilha do Guagiru/ Preá to Jericoacoara (+-20km/+-15km)
Day 5: Jericoacoara to Camosim (+-60km)
Day 6: Camosim to Barra Grande (+-
Day 7: Barra Grande to Atalaia (+-
Day 8: Atalaia to Delta do Parnaiba (+-
Day 9: Delta do Pariaiba to Atins (+-80km)
Day 10: Atins to Lencois Maranheses (+-36km)
Day 11: Drive back to Cumbuco or Fortaleza airport (10hour drive)

1 Day downwind 

Cumbuco to Taiba (+-35km)
Cumbuco to Paracuru (+- 55km)
We will pick up from your hotel in Cumbuco at 10.00hr and you will be back in your hotel on that evening. You will be accompanied by a Toyota Hilux or VW buggy and a guide on the water.